Patch 1.2.2


  • It is now possible to buy Premium for someone else. You just have to check “This is a gift” and enter his valid UID. After you paid, he will receive e-mail with the good news !

Patch 1.2.1

Website & Server

  • Increase the max energy from 5 to 7.

Patch 1.2

It’s now over 1.5 years since the beginning of MxsRank, 18 months exactly. At the beginning of this project, I had lots of ideas to revolutionize the competition on Mx Simulator. 
Now, lots of these ideas was released and MxsRank is a big success at any point ! 

But it’s time for me to change the business plan of MxsRank. MxsRank is a free project for you, but for me it’s a very expensive project : 120€/month, more than 2.000€ since the opening ! I thought the mx simulator community and people who love Mxsrank was enough open-minded to buy Premium grade and help me to finance this project. Obviously, I was wrong. In 18 month, only 30 premium grade was selled. I had to find a new way to finance the servers. The new business plan for MxsRank will disappoint a few players but I have no choice to keep server opened.  

I should reassure you, MxsRank will not be a Full “Pay To Play” as Rf. I remain committed to offer at this old game a good free experience for all riders. But it will be more than a “Pay To Play More”. 

Let me explain to you what is behind “Pay To Play More” :
– I introduce the rider energy on MxsRank. Every 5 hours, you will earn +1 energy and you will be able to store 5 rider energies at the most. This earning will be totally free ! So, every players will could play 5 free races by day.
If you want to play more, you will have to choice once of these two options :
– Refill your energy for 1€
– Became Premium for 3€/month and enjoy your unlimited energy (and premium advantages*).

Why 5 races ?

For two reasons : 
– Every week, 5 tracks are on the server. With 5 free races, you will be able to ride one full rotation every day.
– 5 races, it’s the average of race by players’ sessions during the Summer #2 season.

Where can you found my energy ?

When you are logged on the website, a new header bar is available. On it, you can see your energy and when you will earn energy. If you click on the canisters, a pop-up will be display and offer you the two options to refill your energy.
On the server, at every restart, a message on the chat will be display with your remaining energy and when you will earn next point.

New header bar

I hope you will understand why I had to do this update and I hope see you soon on the server !

Best Regards,

*Get all informations about premium on the shop : https://mxsrank.com/product/premium-subscription/


Server :

– Added line to know you energy add the beginning of the race and on the welcoming message. – Auto-kick players who have no energy


– Added new header bar for logged users to know your energy.
– Reduce the price of the premium form 5€/month to 3€/month

Patch 1.1.1


  • Fixed the countdown before the end of the season. It didn’t display the “1 day” when the countdown was between 24h and 48h.

Patch 1.1

The next season “Fall #2” will start soon. It was a good time for me to rework the Elo system and specifically the starting Elo. 

At the previous season, all players started with 0 Elo. It was not grateful for players who play a lot during the past season and this system distort the ranking during the first weeks of the season. It was not very interesting to play during theses weeks because no one had lot of point. It’s why our peaks of players are during the last weeks of each seasons.

 The new system will totally change that and will increase the interest to play during the first part of the season. It will generate a starting Elo depending your result at the end of the previous season. Each player will loose points but it could be more or less than other players. The system generate your starting Elo based on your last 50% of race and generate Elo. Basically : More you have played, less point you will lose.

I hope you will like this new big update.

I would like to thanks you to be so many players on this server ! More than 1200 active players on twelve years old game is just amazing ! 


  • Added starting Elo System.

Patch 1.0.2.b


  • Increase the Ping limit to 250ms
  • Fixed split server who starting during the first lap

Patch 1.0.2


  • Added Ping limiter system : If your ping is higher than 150ms, the server will automatically warn you. 5 warnings in the same race = auto kick.

Patch 1.0.1


  • Added the possibility to automatically force your gate depending the track with “server, savegate <gate_number>“. This command will save the gate number and force it at every time you will play on the current track. So, you can save different gate depending the track.

Patch 1.0.0


  • New home page
  • New patch notes page
  • New rank icons
  • Two new ranks : Mythic & Master
  • New algorithm to select tracks for the vote page
  • Rework of the server page


  • Rework of the Elo system : start at 0 Elo instead of 1000
  • Removed the Holeshot bonus


  • Sort the list of tracks
  • Track rotation start Tuesday now

New ranks icons