Patch 1.0.2.b


  • Increase the Ping limit to 250ms
  • Fixed split server who starting during the first lap

Patch 1.0.2


  • Added Ping limiter system : If your ping is higher than 150ms, the server will automatically warn you. 5 warnings in the same race = auto kick.

Patch 1.0.1


  • Added the possibility to automatically force your gate depending the track with “server, savegate <gate_number>“. This command will save the gate number and force it at every time you will play on the current track. So, you can save different gate depending the track.

Patch 1.0.0


  • New home page
  • New patch notes page
  • New rank icons
  • Two new ranks : Mythic & Master
  • New algorithm to select tracks for the vote page
  • Rework of the server page


  • Rework of the Elo system : start at 0 Elo instead of 1000
  • Removed the Holeshot bonus


  • Sort the list of tracks
  • Track rotation start Tuesday now

New ranks icons