Patch 1.2

It’s now over 1.5 years since the beginning of MxsRank, 18 months exactly. At the beginning of this project, I had lots of ideas to revolutionize the competition on Mx Simulator. 
Now, lots of these ideas was released and MxsRank is a big success at any point ! 

But it’s time for me to change the business plan of MxsRank. MxsRank is a free project for you, but for me it’s a very expensive project : 120€/month, more than 2.000€ since the opening ! I thought the mx simulator community and people who love Mxsrank was enough open-minded to buy Premium grade and help me to finance this project. Obviously, I was wrong. In 18 month, only 30 premium grade was selled. I had to find a new way to finance the servers. The new business plan for MxsRank will disappoint a few players but I have no choice to keep server opened.  

I should reassure you, MxsRank will not be a Full “Pay To Play” as Rf. I remain committed to offer at this old game a good free experience for all riders. But it will be more than a “Pay To Play More”. 

Let me explain to you what is behind “Pay To Play More” :
– I introduce the rider energy on MxsRank. Every 5 hours, you will earn +1 energy and you will be able to store 5 rider energies at the most. This earning will be totally free ! So, every players will could play 5 free races by day.
If you want to play more, you will have to choice once of these two options :
– Refill your energy for 1€
– Became Premium for 3€/month and enjoy your unlimited energy (and premium advantages*).

Why 5 races ?

For two reasons : 
– Every week, 5 tracks are on the server. With 5 free races, you will be able to ride one full rotation every day.
– 5 races, it’s the average of race by players’ sessions during the Summer #2 season.

Where can you found my energy ?

When you are logged on the website, a new header bar is available. On it, you can see your energy and when you will earn energy. If you click on the canisters, a pop-up will be display and offer you the two options to refill your energy.
On the server, at every restart, a message on the chat will be display with your remaining energy and when you will earn next point.

New header bar

I hope you will understand why I had to do this update and I hope see you soon on the server !

Best Regards,

*Get all informations about premium on the shop : https://mxsrank.com/product/premium-subscription/


Server :

– Added line to know you energy add the beginning of the race and on the welcoming message. – Auto-kick players who have no energy


– Added new header bar for logged users to know your energy.
– Reduce the price of the premium form 5€/month to 3€/month

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