Patch 1.1

The next season “Fall #2” will start soon. It was a good time for me to rework the Elo system and specifically the starting Elo. 

At the previous season, all players started with 0 Elo. It was not grateful for players who play a lot during the past season and this system distort the ranking during the first weeks of the season. It was not very interesting to play during theses weeks because no one had lot of point. It’s why our peaks of players are during the last weeks of each seasons.

 The new system will totally change that and will increase the interest to play during the first part of the season. It will generate a starting Elo depending your result at the end of the previous season. Each player will loose points but it could be more or less than other players. The system generate your starting Elo based on your last 50% of race and generate Elo. Basically : More you have played, less point you will lose.

I hope you will like this new big update.

I would like to thanks you to be so many players on this server ! More than 1200 active players on twelve years old game is just amazing ! 


  • Added starting Elo System.

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