Why am I blackflaged ?

You need to have an account on this website to play on the server.

“Your client is too old for this server”

To fix the “Your client is too old for this server” message. Thanks to install the last snapshot. You can find the last snapshot here : https://mxsimulator.net/en/

“Client track modified”

To fix “client track modified”, please go on the page of the track that you are having issues with and download all necessary packs and add them on your game.

How can I play on MxsRank ?

This is a short tutorial to explain you how to play on MxsRank : https://mxsrank.com/how-to-play-on-mxsrank/

Where can I buy Mx Simulator ?

You can find Mx Simulator in the best price on https://mxsimulator.net

Where can I report player ?

You can access to the protest form on the server page or with this link : https://mxsrank.com/protest-form
You DON’T need to save the demo. Servers automaticaly save them.

Wrong track password

This error occurs when you translate the website in other language. Turn off your translator to have the right track password.

“An error occured while calling the PayPal API.”

This error occure when you haven’t register Bank card or Bank account on your Paypal and you try to subscribe to the Premium.
Try with Premium without subscription: https://mxsrank.com/product/premium-1-month/